In his acceptance speech our new President Donald Trump said,

“I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.”

While the participants of this project did not support him pre-election, they do recognize that he is the President based on the American democratic process. The aim of this project is to bring our collective voices to our new President Donald Trump by giving him a chance to win our support and trust - to let him know how we hope he can #BeOurPresident.

We also want to reach out to America at large with the goal of reuniting, even if we have a difference of opinion. At the end of the day, we all want the same things: love, respect, prosperity, security, good health, peace, freedom -you name it.. Because we all share these common goals, we should be able to have respectful, tolerant debates. We want to break free from labels such as ‘liberals’ and  ‘conservatives’ or ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats.’ We are real people who share a land and its blessings. Let’s rise above the negativity, stay tolerant and, most importantly, stay united.

Who are we?

We are people who make up the fabric of America.  We are parents, grandparents and children. We are citizens and immigrants with various faiths and religions. Some of us were born in the US. Some of us are anxiously awaiting our citizenship, and others come from different countries, like: Egypt, Brazil, India, New Zealand, Jamaica, Switzerland, China, Puerto Rico and France, just to name a few. We are entrepreneurs, employees, unemployed and underemployed. We are artists, students, teachers, lawyers, stay at home parents, inventors, social workers, journalists, entrepreneurs and so many more. We are straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual. We are all shades of white, black, brown and everything else in between. We are Democrats, Republicans and lifelong Independents. And hey, some of us don’t like labels at all.  Most importantly, though, we love this country. We are America. We are you.

This project started with the intention of helping people get over negativity and focus on issues that matter to them. During this process, we refocused our voices to be respectful, constructive and from the heart. It has been a therapeutic and fulfilling journey for us. Hope it does the same for you. 

Why Portraits?

Social media has put an artificial curtain between us. We write things we would never say to someone directly. Our arguments have become more judgmental, more hurtful and more intolerant. We want to tear down that curtain and the false sense of separation that comes with it. What better way to do this than by capturing the faces of the people who are part of the fabric of this country? We hope you’ll be captivated by the photos, look the subjects in their eyes, read their words and understand our shared humanity. At the very least, we hope you’ll assume positive intent.