You can make a difference. So be 1 of the 100 to join this simple, beautiful, positive project. Speak your heart and give the incoming President great ideas to bring unity and progress to our nation.

sign up for your PORTRAIT 

If you did not vote for Mr. Trump or did not support Mr. Trump during the 2016 presidential election, and if you have a constructive message  on how he can be your President, then you are eligible to request a portrait. The portrait series starts from January 20 and lasts untilApril 29, 2017. We will continue to take portraits of interested people throughApril 16, 2016. Email us to add your point of hope.


spread the word

Tell your friends, family and anyone who will listen about this project. We need our voices to reach far and wide. Remember this is not a company or organization with an advertising budget or public relations firm. We are fueled by the sheer passion of the common everyday people are behind it. It’s people like you who will push our voices out. So click on our social media platforms below, then LIKE and SHARE!


Make a small donation

You can also donate a tiny amount to cover everyday costs like web hosting, promoting social media posts, etc. Email us.